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Acrylic on stretched premium canvas 

24x36 dimensions 

3/4” thick solid wood frame


The piece that inspired me to start selling art. 

An emotional piece. I cried several times painting this. Honestly, I didn’t realize how emotional I would get. How each new name added would bring me pain. How drained I would feel after each painting session. I had to stop for weeks at a time, unable to even look at it. Dreading the next time I had to work on it. 

It is the best thing I’ve ever painted. 

My favorite child. 

I named it “Drowning”. 

And even though I had never sold any of my children before (you can tell I don’t have real kids), I immediately knew this piece would be sold. That “Drowning” would do some good in this world, change it for the better. Just a little. So all proceeds of the sale will be donated to a mutual aid group in New York City.