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Hi! Thanks for being here and for collecting my art.

Art has always been part of my life. Over the years, it became my meditation. My medication. My therapy. My church. No matter the problem, no matter how intense things got in my life - art was always there to soothe my nerves. Calm my anxiety. Art is where I took refuge from the world. From my troubles. It brought me back to myself. Centered me. 

Despite my love of art, I never considered it a real, acceptable career choice for me. I blame the Caribbean family - you see, in my family you had 4 choices growing up. You could be a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer - and if school wasn’t your thing, a marine. 

I … chose law. So, for the majority of my life I pursued a legal career. Initially, as a public defender. Which satisfied my soul at first. It wasn't art, but I was making a real, tangible difference in the world. As I advanced in my law career, so did my practice area. Eventually, I ended up as a civil litigator. Working ridiculous hours, with a salary that lessened the sting. 

It didn't spark joy though. 

Then I turned 33. My “Jesus Year” (Yes, it’s a thing. Look it up.)

On the very eve of my birthday, a stranger in Tulum told me that it would make or break me. That my 33rd year was cosmically important. That it could be a year of rebirth, if I let it be. 

I guess I let it be. During that year, I decided to focus on what really set my soul on fire. Art. Painting. Being creative. Living for myself, instead of trying to meet the expectations of everyone else. Life was too short not to. 

I’m still learning the way. 

Still early in my journey. 

Making my art open for sale, starting an art business, feels fated. Like maybe I’m meant to do this. 

So thanks. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. 

Here’s hoping it’s a wild one. 

- Cris


Art, Artist, Nude Art, Black Artist, Modern Art, Abstract Art, Colored Nudes